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A great thought to start the day with

So this morning, while I'm in the shower, I start thinking about my life, well my friends anyway.

I realized how blessed I am. I'm not the type of person to make uber close friendships, having instead a large group of "good" friends. Could you say I have a plethora of friends (what movie is this from?)?

And, being the kind of person I am, I don't tell my friends often enough how much they mean to me. I may not be the kind of person to have "best" friends (even though tick043 comes pretty damn close), but my friends mean the world to me.

You, the LJ crew, have touched my life in so many ways, and I already consider you friends. Hey, some of you have even given me furniture (sova7)!

For some reason, thinking about this reminds me of a song (not that this is unusual, I have a song lyric for every situation. I'm just not sure this is the most appropriate song)

Not pretty or safe or easy, but more than I ever knew
Love within reason, that isn't love
And I learned that from you

Are you singing along with me, gamesiplay?

I'm also reminded of one of those forwards that everyone gets in their email at least once. I couldn't find the email, so I'm going to try it from memory

I've learned that the best families are the ones we make are ourselves. Sometimes, someone we barely know can take us in and make us whole again.
Families aren't biological

To you, the newest piece of my "family", I send love, strength, the smell of popcorn, a soft kiss where your neck meets your jaw, a perfect sunrise, and my everlasting appreciation.

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