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Yet another completely gay moment . . . sponsored by yours truly

So, I can't stop looking at the Vera Wang website. What starting as checking out an allusion from QAF, has become a thorough inspection of her entire line.

Her designs are phenomenal. If you can handle it, check these out.
As the website is virtually all Java, I'll have to give you the basic website, and directions from there.
Start Here
Click Bridal
Make sure that the first of the three dots is filled
Select the third and the fifth picture. On the fifth picture, I would lose the bow, but otherwise these two dresses are awesome. I love the subtle use of color.
Click Maids & Flowergirl
1st dot-Picks 2 & 5, especially 5
5th dot-1st pic
Click Ready to Wear
5th dot-Pics 1 & 4
For anyone into chicks still with us, 3rd dot-5th pic is a good nipple shot. The outfit isn't bad either
Didn't really care for the shoes (they may grow on me later)

So that's today's official, "stewart is sooooooooooo gay" moment.

see ya

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