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Advice from an unlikely place

Until tonight, I wasn't especially keen on the computer tarot readings, preferring to handle the cards myself.

Like I said, until tonight. I just had the most amazing reading from tarot.com (I've talked about the site in the past). If you want to check it out, let me know. If I send you an email invite to the site, I get goodies!!!

For mother's day, they were offering free readings in their self-healing and family categories. I went for the full self-healing analysis. It hit on so many issues for me right now, continuring my education, my problems at work. It also went a long way to helping me feel comfortable where I am right now. I printed it out so I can try to remember the insights it gave me.

p.s. to check for "accuracy", I pulled out the thoth deck I'm carrying with me now (I usually have a deck with me, for the last few months, it's been the Thoth, please don't run from me in terror) and cut it, with the idea that a card from this spread should turn up to give this reading credence. and it did, I cut to the five of swords, which was the fifth card in my reading. Mathematically, there was a 12.8% chance that I would cut a card from my reading, but I am still amazed..

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