Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
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A twilight zone moment (not really)

So, Amy Jayne stops to see me before she goes to bed, and I find out that, instead of being here keeping me company while I clean/unpack/organize my room (Mikey moves in tomorrow), she is off playing with mslinds007 and mojomuze!

Beware, ladies, of the upcoming custody battle. I get Amy Jayne on the weekends! Now I have images of Stretch Armstrong (but with Amy Jayne's face) in my head.

Here comes the twilight zone part. What am I doing while Amy Jayne is off playing with mslinds007? Playing Collapse! Damn you, Lindsay, with your distractions (not that it takes much to distract me from cleaning/unpacking/organizing).

Back to work, for a moment at least!
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