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The biology of Chemistry (Yah, chemistry) responses requested

Something has been on my mind since Queer as Folk last night, and my friends haven't been the most helpful with the answer.

Here's the issue . . . What is the evolutionary reason we, as a society, find musicians attractive? Our genes cause us to be drawn to people who are more prone to produce offspring-women with hips, men who are muscular, so on and so forth (yes, even us gayfolk, who really aren't prone to procreating). So why do we, as a society, place a premium on musicians? What's evolutionarily beneficial about music?

Some of my friends thought it was a status issue, that musicians were held in high esteem in early societies, and were therefore allowed to reproduce more. Plausible, I guess, but it isn't ringing true for me.

I want to know what you think. tick043, your answer is particularly wanted, as the biology major among us.

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