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Dear Livejournal,
Please tell coell to chill. Mikey disappeared for a day, and we are going to get tickets at 515p today. If we can get tickets at all, I will be getting one for her.


p.s. I'm calling her now.


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May. 15th, 2002 02:50 pm (UTC)
But I love you.
Dear Stewart,

LiveJournal told me what you said about me. Please don't be mad at him. But you have to understand that I am a delicate flower, and when my friends start mowing the lawn of my emotions, some of my petals get crushed and violently thrashed about the clippings bin. I don't know where that metaphor was going, but you're past it now...

Liz really upset me that for weeks I've been planning to see it with her (ergo I did not ask you whom I wanted to see it with more but felt guilty because she asked me first). Then that little bitch's little bitch friends got to see it a week ago at a media preview (they all work at the station) so she's going to wait until Sunday to see it. Guess who she forgot to tell? (Insert self-pity whiny&cheese music here)

(a la John Lovitz) I just want to feel loved, damnit. Is that so wroooong?

(a la my mother) Why don't you love me more? you never call and when you're here you're always somewhere else.

(a la Yoda) Need to see this movie, I fucking do.

Have I complained enough?

Nubs -- Cynthia
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