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The mandatory Episode II commentary

Overall impression: positive

This movie was perfect for me. The first hour and a half or so was slow, which gave me plenty of time to crack MST3Kesque jokes, much to coell's dismay. I was the bastard who got on her nerves during Spider Man, too, if you read her journal. Sometimes, I just can't help myself, the words just slip out. Phrases uttered included "bullseye" "Shmi's the Blair Witch" As well as singing the songs below.

The last half hour or so kicked ass. The only thing keeping me from seeing it again is how long it is.

We need to create the unofficial soundtrack for the movie. It should definitely include
Secret Lovers (yeah, that's what we are)
I just died in your arms tonight
A medley from Ben Hur
The Sound of Music
If you don't know which scenes these belong in, ask me, and I'll let you know. Any other ideas for the soundtrack?

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