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When Auntie comes callin'

I'm so sick, I don't want to leave my bed (actually, I needed to sit up for a minute to stretch so I decided to whine to you all about how yucky I feel.).

I have horrible cramping, I figure this must be what women go through every month.

Thank heaven for the Y chromosome. None of this bullshit. I get to have my cock, and eat one too (not my own, sickos, do I look like Marilyn Manson?)

One other thought, brought up by the fact that I just finished The Battle for Betazed
Ladies and Gentlemen, a completely unbiased poll!

Poll #35162 The best of all worlds

Which Star Trek series is the best? No matter which janeway you go, I won't be at sixes and sevens of nine

TOS, gotta love the original!
TNG, Bald is Beautiful
DS9, so what if it needed an infusion of TNGoodness
Voyager, because it's Stewart's favorite (and who doesn't want to be like me? Hey, put your hands down!)
Enterprise, prequels rock!

If you had to base your decision on just the television episodes (ignoring movies, books, fanfic, etc.) would your answer be different?


Rave about your fave! Any other comments?


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