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Your Originally scheduled program

This was the post I was planning to make before the call from Jason

Just finished the Enterprise season finale. I've missed the last couple months (It was on against Six Feet Under for awhile), but I have high hopes for this series. The first seasons of every ST series are rough, the fact that Enterprise is this polished already (I liken it to seasons 2 and 4 of Voyager) excites me.

I especially love how, even though it is set in the past, in manages to stay relevent to "current" issues (Post Dominion War).

So, UPN, bring on the reruns, I have some catching up to do. Of course, since it is Hockey season, and my UPN station is out of Detroit, it will probably be preempted. sigh

in other ST news, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Voyager Series Finale. No, I'm not that obsessed with Voyager that I memorized the date (shut up coell, mister_biv, and tick043, who have all had social plans changed by me to accomodate my Voyager watching schedule), it also happens to be my mother's birthday. I joke with her that she turned fifty the day Voyager died. Maybe I am a freak.

But, more on Voyager tomorrow.