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Off to the Britney movie

Yes, I'm excited.

Yes, I don't expect it to me a cinematic masterpiece.

Can't remember if I have babbled about this yet, but the time has come for me to come out of the closet.

I am a Britney fan. I refuse to be ashamed of it any longer. Ever since Lucky, I have fallen hopelessly in love with her fun, young sound.

and I'm tired of all the Britney bashing. Come on, world, she's too easy of a target. She has more haters than fans, and you all just feed off of each other, never bothering to create an original criticism of her.

If you want to criticize someone for being a poor role model, let's talk about Dave Matthews and his need to be visably drunk/high every time he performs.

If you want to criticize someone for selling out, giving the masses what sells, let's talk about Kid Rock.

She may not be Fiona. She's definitely not David Grey. But what she does, she does well. She is even trying to write her own songs. Even though they are pretty bad now, she is at least trying to grow as an artist and as a musician.

So there's my soapbox. No offense to artists mentioned, as I'm just trying to illustrate a point.



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Mar. 4th, 2002 01:11 am (UTC)
My problem with Britney is that she's replacable. Easily replacable. There's nothing noteworthy about her songs, her voice, her style. You could give any teenage cheerleader a microphone and achieve the same effect. All the "pop princesses" are carbon copies of one another. Do we even know the difference between Britney and Jessica, or Britney and Mandy? It's like they're all part of some exclusive clique where they dress, act, and think the same. They remind me of those ditzy high school girls who giggled at everything and thought they were cool because they wore the same brand of lipstick.

She doesn't even make a point with her music or her fame. Celebrities have power; they can influence society. They can make a difference by doing the slightest thing. Take David Bowie (one of my favorite artists) or Madonna - they changed the way society viewed sexuality. Society is pretty rigid about such a subject as sex, and these artists created a stir simply by dressing or acting a bit different than the mainstream. Diversity is an important quality in a star.

More importantly, their music is good. Classic, even. When "Oops, I Did It Again" becomes classic rock, we'll know that the music industry is going to the dogs.

When Britney's fans speak of her, they spend the most time on how pretty she is. Yes, she is pretty ... but doesn't her music touch them in some way? I mean, they're her fans. I'd expect them to have more to say on her than "she's hot."

So what truly aggravates me, I suppose, is that people seem to choose favorite music based on who wears the sluttiest outfits, rather than listening to the music and searching for quality. Britney is a symbol of this; that's why so many people bash her.

And hot damn, this was a long post. Sorry about that!
Mar. 4th, 2002 06:35 pm (UTC)
As I don't care for Jessica or Mandy at all, I would like to think that Britney has some unique characteristics. She's kind of like Chicken McNuggets; not good for you, not made of the highest quality materials, but, when you want them, nothing else will do.

I do agree with you on the whole noblesse oblige thing, though. Stars should use their platform for good, and not evil (Charleton Heston!).

On my most Britney-friendly days, I liken her to VERY early Madonna, when she was just trying to get famous. Maybe she will do something with her fame when she gets used to it. I hope. I would like to see her grow and change like Madonna has over the last twenty years.

my 2cent defense, and that's about all it's worth
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