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Crisis Averted!

I just freaked myself out. I used peroxide on my finger, and when I looked at my hand a few minutes later, the skin was discolored, like it bleached my tan away. I tested it out, with a big circle on the back of my hand. It bleached too, telling me it was the peroxide. Eek, my hand looks like a lava lamp . . .

. . . but it faded, the only discoloration is the test spot, which I'm sure will fade in a few minutes too. Sigh of relief.

But it gives me a good idea of a prank to play on someone, kind of like dissappearing ink, but in reverse. Evil chuckle


May. 24th, 2002 09:12 pm (UTC)
Oh my God, I have the same oily skin protection! Ha!!! It's SO true and it works fabulously. Unfortunately after doing the regular dye, I tossed the gloves, so when I did the streaks, the hot pink dye got all over my arms... I have weird pink splotches.