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Crisis Averted!

I just freaked myself out. I used peroxide on my finger, and when I looked at my hand a few minutes later, the skin was discolored, like it bleached my tan away. I tested it out, with a big circle on the back of my hand. It bleached too, telling me it was the peroxide. Eek, my hand looks like a lava lamp . . .

. . . but it faded, the only discoloration is the test spot, which I'm sure will fade in a few minutes too. Sigh of relief.

But it gives me a good idea of a prank to play on someone, kind of like dissappearing ink, but in reverse. Evil chuckle


May. 24th, 2002 10:36 pm (UTC)
Lots of things to answer
I was using the peroxide on my finger for a pseudo-cut (he said shamefacedly). When I chew my nails, sometimes they get a little infection way down on the side of the nail. The peroxide helps oxygenate the "wound" to help it actually scab and heal. I would use neosporin, but I hate fingertip bandages and, without them, the ointment is too greasy. I would get it on everything (the remote, my P#@!&, you) and that would be bad. Maybe I'll get a pair of those cotton moisturizing gloves and wear ointment to bed.

Peroxide will lighten your hair, but not in a very good way. It looks bad (and is harsh), I did it in high school. I can show you pics if you want.

I'll have to show you what it did, though. This wasn'y the white powdery bubble residue, it actually lightened my skin for a minute. My hands looked like a cow pattern. Maybe if I did it again, I could get a Gateway commercial deal and give "stephen" a run for his money! Note about stephen, saw him on CNN the other day. As himself, he's obviously gay, and very attractive. Not that surfer dude annoying thing like the commercial. YUM!