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This is too cute to not do

Use Google to search for your first name followed by is . . .
Yeah it's a fad but some of these are highlarious (in my best Ross Perot voice). I tried to cut it down to ten, but had to settle for my top fourteen.

14.Stewart is one of the town's best, and most popular facilities.
I've been considered an "institution," but a facility?

13.Stewart is A STUD
Quit laughing, it gets better.

12.Stewart is the Modern-Day Proust

11.Stewart is the king of initially obscure, ultimately compelling conceptual art.
Obscure, me?

10.Stewart is a cult of contradictions.
Acolytes wanted

9.Stewart is an outstandingly talented young writer who tells good stories and creates vivid, compelling characters.
sigh, someday

8.Stewart is among Hollywood's most highly honored and deeply loved men.
Geesh, now who sounds like a size queen?

7.Stewart is in my Air Vent!
I was framed! But on an unrelated note, you have lovely legs.

6.Stewart is evil and I can prove it.
What? Have you found the bodies?

5.Stewart is a tough guy.
Compared to who? Gilbert Godfried?

4.Stewart is a workaholic and a control freak.
Oh yeah, this one's true. I'm writing this entry while I'm supposed to be working

3.Stewart is a pretty good-looking woman.
Never having tried drag, I'm uncertain of the truth in this statement

2.Stewart is a global star through his role in Star Trek.
Please come true, please oh please

1.Stewart is the Anti-Christ
There were doubts?

A big thank you to Martha Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, and Jon Stewart, without who, none of this would have been as funny

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