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Travelogue --- Home

It was an interesting five days. Here are the highlights.

The Wedding: I actually enjoyed the ceremony more than the reception. It was the pastor's second wedding of the day and his second wedding ever, but it was honest and intimate. It is my second favorite wedding ever, even though it was still too misogynistic for my taste.

Mom: She's doing great, but she's still feeling weak. She had a follow-up yesterday. I have to call her later to see how it went.

Dad: We had some great one-on-one time. He told me stories of his life, which I will probably spend the next year processing. My parents lived dramatically different lives BM (before me), and it's hard to wrap my mind around some of the things they lived through.

Dad's Birthday: Great time! Lesa and Briana (step mom and sister) were at church camp, but the rest of us had dinner with all of Dad's other "kids," including the ex-step children. If was weird but a good thing for all of us. The oddest thing for me was that the person I talked to least of all was my biological brother, Kristoffer. I know it may seem prickish, but I can't let him back into my life right now, he's done too much damage.

And the rest: I got to spend time with Angie and Gordon which was great. I also still can't go anywhere in Battle Creek and not know someone. Steph and I went to Bill Knapp's for lunch, and I saw people I worked with at BCAMSC. Cue It's A Small World After All. I gave in and bought the OCR of Thoroughly Modern Millie, I have to listen to it more before I offer an opinion.

Dee buh dee buh dee, that's all folks


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Jun. 27th, 2002 12:40 pm (UTC)
on an unrelated note
Just so you know, after three attempts I still don't have a copy of Room for Squares that is suitable to give you.

Copy #1 makes fart noises during the songs (although all songs recorded)
Copy #2 does not make fart noises, but stops part way through number 12
My CD player would not read copy #3

I don't know what I did wrong.
Jun. 30th, 2002 11:08 am (UTC)

I say you should join the Travel club..
You need more time to get away baby...

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