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The secrets of my LJ ancestry

Generation Zero has been found! My LJgenology is traced back to its roots, to one who found LJ on his own.

Check it out

0: cynosure
1: mojomuze
2: nedrapture mslinds007
3: hapgood quelita freshdanid
4: coell tick043 kmaust rugbynut2 mister_biv knoph steffer71
5: annienialle curlycutie gmpathfinder
6: runjonny

Wow! Zach is a Great Great Great Great Grandfather! quelita must be soooo proud.

Since some of us are pre-creation code, I'm just considering who told me and my forebears about LJ. Copy it and fill in the rest, I know everyone else will fit in somewhere.

If you aren't a part of this family, what does your chain look like (this is not a solicitation for porn (that's what email is for(grin)))?
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