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The road to the Final Four

Did any of you freak out, thinking that this was a post about Basketball? Wake up! Look who's journal this is. The person who thought the British Open was Tennis.

It's about, big surprise, Star Trek: Voyager. Having seen Nemesis last night (okay, but predictable), I am down to four unseen episodes! I checked out the Star Trek website and the TV Guide website to see if I could find out when they will air.

Retrospect will air on July 23
The Killing Game will air on July 24-25
Someone to Watch Over Me should air in about nine weeks (Wed, September 4 if I counted right and they all air in order). Of course, the last time this episode was scheduled to air, it was preempted by news coverage (it was about a week and a half after September 11th) so I'm not holding my breath.
Blood Fever won't air for about a year, since I just missed it a few weeks ago (this old post addressed this). I'm still convinced that fate didn't want me to see this episode. Voyager airs twice a day where I live; For the 7p time, I forgot to turn the VCR off so the timer didn't turn on, the 1230a time was delayed over the damn Stanley Cup finals (evil sports!). Sigh

Oh yeah, did I mention how bored I am at work? I'm not really that obsessed with Voyager, I just don't want to do anything productive, and there's nothing on TV.

Fun Fact: The word "air" appears nine times in this post, if you count the occurence in quotes. Did I mention how bored I was . . .

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