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Modern day ethical dilemmas

Issue: I have a haircut scheduled for 10a this morning, but my friends want me to cancel it and go with them to Lansing. Other potentially relevant information:

This is Gaylen's first haircut of the day.
When I called on Tuesday, I believe she had the whole morning open (meaning if I cancel, she may not have anyone after me for a couple of hours).
She may be driving in from Cadillac (about forty-five minutes).
This is my last haircut with her, as she is quitting her job as soon as her new house is finished.
The Salon doesn't have an answering machine, and since it's the JC Penney salon, there probably won't be people there until just before my haircut is scheduled to start.
I actually like her as a person.

As of this moment, I'm planning on going to the haircut, it isn't fair to her to not show up, given the circumstances. Am I making more of this than I should? With that said, let's take a poll . . .
Poll #46214 Should I stay, or should I go now?

Show I go with my friends to Lansing, or should I go to my Haircut

Go to your haircut
Go to Lansing
Let me cut your hair!
I don't really care, get a Flobie!

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