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What time is it?

Is it noon yet? I want to go home.

But, in good news, I regulated with the new repeat caller, and told her I wasn't going to chat with her about Robocop being on TV. She has a hard time telling the difference between a friend and a mental health technician. Hopefully that helped.

I'm sort of regretting it, though. Now I have no one to talk to. Careful what you wish for, I guess. If tick043 were still in Arizona, I could call her this late. Time zones are the greatest things when you are the nocturnal friend.

I wish I had remembered to bring cds. mslinds007 and cynosure burned me cds that I haven't even got to listen to yet, and I forgot them on the couch. I could cry. Well, I could sigh, at least.

I brought the new Tarot book I bought yesterday. It's really good so far, no christian bullshit like the Connolly books. This could be the book.

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