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Am I esoteric?

Are my colloquialisms too obscure? I was talking to two co-workers over lunch, and I said, "I had two walk-ins roll up at oh-dark-early, so I sent them away until nine" One, a Children's Services Counselor (Uh-oh, I said Counselor), looked at the other, my boss, who said, "I don't understand half the time, either." Was it that hard to understand that I had two walk-ins show up super early, before we opened, so I told them they would have to come back after nine?

This isn't the first time this has happened. In a staff meeting, while we were scheduling, a co-worker asked if I would work a specific shift, and I told them,"I'm all about it". I had to explain to them what I said.

Have I become one of "those" people, a slangspeaker? I'm not tragic, am I? Wait, is tragic, used in that context, considered slang? I think I'm going to stop before I answer my own question. Sigh. As if I didn't have enough trouble with speaking, given that I have to define words for people all the time. I paid attention in High School English, sue me.
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