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mister_biv's song thing

the song that...

...reminds you of an ex-lover: Anything by Barry Manilow (shudder)
...reminds you of an ex-friend: Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun (is that the real name?)
...makes you cry: Joshua Kadison-My Father's Son
...makes you laugh: She Loves Me(musical)-Ice Cream
...makes you wanna dance: Anything Janet Jackson
...makes you wanna sing: everything Rent(musical)-I'll Cover You reprise
...reminds you of the one you love: Secret Garden(musical)-A Bit of Earth
...you wish you wrote: Anyone Can Whistle(musical)-Everybody Says Don't (it's why I'm hapgood
...you never want to hear again: TLC-Waterfalls
...you want to get married to: Anyone Can Whistle(still a musical)-With so Little to be Sure of
...makes you feel cheesy cool: Will Smith-Summertime
...makes you dream of your perfect lover: The Last Five Years(musical)-The Schmuel Song and Joshua Kadison-Painted Desert Serenade
...sums up your teenage years: Anyone Can Whistle(yup, still a musical)-Anyone Can Whistle and Songs for a New World(musical, well a revue anyway)-I'm not afraid of anything
...you like to wake up to: CeCe Peniston-In the Mood (I used to call it my happy morning song)
...you like out of your parents record collection: Crytal Gayle's Greatest Hits, all of it
...makes you feel nostalgic: it's cliche but Greenday-Good Riddance
...one you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Virtually anything off of cynosure's awesome mixed CDs
...you love the video more than the tune: Enrique Iglesias-Hero (because he dies!!!)
...reminds you of your first crush: Eurhythmics-Missionary Man (he wanted to become a priest)
...you love which is from a favourite movie: Aimee Mann-Wise Up (Magnolia)
...makes you think of the moon: Trisha Yearwood-Lying to the Moon
...makes you think of stars: Twinkle Twinkle? I'm drawing a blank.
...makes you think of the sun: God forgive me for saying this, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Cats(musical)-Memory (I'm so ashamed)
...makes you think of the night: Les Miserables(musical)- On My Own
...makes you think of sex: R Kelly-Bump and Grind
...makes you think of being alone: Romance Romance(musical)-the night it had to end
...makes you think of romance: West Side Story(musical)-Tonight

How syncronistic. Good Riddance just came on the radio at the desk. OooWeeOoo.

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