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Saw Goldmember last night, but I guess kmaust already told y'all that. I enjoyed it, but found it the weakest of all three films. He He, I just referred to the Austin Powers set as Films. Anyway, it was cute, loved the cameos, especially Britney and the Osbournes. Since I keep saying "Shazam" and adding "Sugah" to the end of my phrases, I guess I liked it. This is the first time they set the movie up for a sequel, it's almost begging for it.

I'm chillin', literally(the air conditioning is set on cryogenic preservation) at the Crisis Center until midnight. I have to make my roster for men's basketball camp tomorrow, but other than that, I ain't doin' $#!t (okay, I think the ghettospeak moment has passed). Visitors welcome (we can watch a movie or something). Hey, it's free AC, I'm not above buying my friends.


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Jul. 28th, 2002 11:30 pm (UTC)
I love Austin Powers

DAMN IT!! I want to go see it badly and now you say it sucked
Royal Cock and Balls.. Well I guess I could wait to go see it
at a early film so it will only be $4.
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