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A thousand miles journey . . .

I've never really considered fanfic before. You'd think, given how I obsess over TV shows, that this would have been a step taken years ago.

I think I'm ready now

I want to try a Sex and the City fanfic. I get so involved in the show, because I love the writing. I want to write that. Hell, ask people who watch with me, I break the episode down in the first couple of minutes, that's how in tune with the series I am. Wow that sounded dorky.

Anyone have any advice? Favorite fanfic site? Are there any special unwritten rules of fanfic I need to know? Come to me, Yoda.

Hey, knoph, if I get good at this, can Sex Trek:Voyeur be that far off?

I leave you all with a SATC quote
"You didn't want to have sex last night!"
"We were at the Opera"
"I was bored!"

P.S. I love my Air Conditioned office. I'm freezing, instead of sweating.

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