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Divergent Thinking

At least that's my rationalization for being an airhead.

Lot's of things to think about

Mikey left today. My on and off roommate for years (just a roommate, not a euphenism) no longer lives in Mt P.
What are the symptoms of Empty Nest Syndrom? Please no jokes about the Golden Girls spinoff.
It's strange. I'll be sad and cryish, then I just feel empty. You'd think I would be okay with him graduating, I left a year ago and it wasn't this hard. This year is going to be difficult, as Mike is only the first of many to leave. I lose tick043 and kmaust in December, mister_biv in May. Why can't you all stay here for grad school with me? At least I'll have curlycutie, we're in the same grad program together.

Well enough wallowing, I think I'm going to sleep some more. I work midnights every day this week, either at the crisis center or at the Thorpe desk, so I need to get used to taking an afternoon nap. If the damn cleaning lady would show up, I could lay back down. I hate when people call to say they are coming into the office, and then take a half hour to get here! She bothers me the most, because she always calls me Richard; I've even corrected her in the past. Maybe it's her passive-aggressive way of calling me a dick.

I need to do something about my friends list. The last three times I've checked it, I've had to read over 80 posts. I think I'll try that friend group thing, and drop some of the communities that I really don't care about anymore.

enough babble, I'm going back to bed. Mary will just have to knock hard when she finally shows up!

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