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I'm such a masochist

So, I'm wasting time reading the Abercrombie and Fitch community abercrombie1892.

I can just imagine mister_biv and tick043 reading this, thinking "oh god, here we go again"

A raspberry to the 729 people who list A&F as an interest, and to the countless others who don't list it because they are justifiably ashamed.

I don't try to hide my feelings, I loathe A&F. Friendships have ended over this.

Here are some fun quotes from the community abercrombie1892

I was shocked by this web site! Preppy isn't the top style, but comfortbilaty is. What ever happened to style over comfort? And did you know that if you wanted to look "Redneck Chic", you would shop at Sears, thift stores and Abercombie and Fitch! I'm insulted. Here's the site http://www.look-look.com/looklook/html/Test_Drive_Youth.html ---tidler

ME: Whatever happened to style over comfort? Should we bring back the whalebone corset too, so the anorexics don't have to try so hard? P.S. I'm insulted by your understanding of the english language.

The community does have a closed membership. So, e-mail me at lipglossjunkie@hotmail.com & tell me why you like Abercrombie :)...And, please send a link to your journal as well, thanks! I'm very picky on who can join --- fitch92hottie

ME: She says it's closed to keep haters out. Why do I get vibes that suggest other things? I am ashamed that we have four common interests on our userinfo.

I go for Quality over quantity ---tidler, again.

ME: And you shop Abercrombie because . . .?

Meanwhile, over at abercrombieclub, another den of substance . . .

hey I went to abercrombie and i bought some pretty cute stuff.... i have this friend audrey.. and she says she shops at abercrombie all the time.. and she bnever really does. reply to the and answer yes or no IS IT DORKY TO SAY U SHOP AT A PREP STORE AND NEVER DOO JUST TO GET PUBLICITY??? --- wondergrl3211

ME: Or maybe it's just pathetic that this matters to you!!! Does A&F put out a guide to style and syntax saying it's uncool to properly utilize spelling and punctuation?

i am obsessed, all of my clothes must be from abercrombie my favorite read is the quarterly(yes a lot of reading done there)

ME: So that's the problem. They only read the catalog, which explains why they can't punctuate, but know seven thousand synonyms for orange.

This gave me a headache. I just don't have the stomach to be bitter like I used to.

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