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Being old is not an excuse to be a bastard

One more thing before I go to bed. mister_biv and I saw the funniest/rudest thing tonight when we went to dinner at Big Boy (which is now within easy walking distance of my apartment!). This old man, raving about anything and everything, blaming the server for his own inability to clearly state what he wanted to eat. Don't tell the server that you want the whites of your eggs to be absolutely not runny, and then bitch because the yolk isn't soft enough. Don't ask for dry toast, and then bitch that the server didn't bring you butter.

The server made one mistake, though, by assuming that he was dealing with a rational, thinking adult, which the geazer quickly showed that he wasn't.

Poor serverguy, we had a good laugh with him after the old man left, and we gave him a five-dollar tip for grace under pressure.

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